Park Planning

Park Planning

Exploration and enjoyment for now and always.

Our work on parks, and park system planning, highlights and builds on what nature already created, yielding designs that aren’t just beautiful, they’re thoughtful and ready to delight visitors for generations. That’s why we consider it to be a first step in envisioning the future. Through collaboration with our clients (municipalities developers, etc.), we determine the goals, visions and aspirations for the park development. The results of this effort determine the course of the comprehensive plan details, including facilities, size and intended uses. Because our plans’ vision never stops at the Grand Opening, we include a long-range plan meant to shape the direction, development and delivery of parks for years to come.

  • Existing system overview/inventory
  • Needs and priorities assessment
  • Planning for recreational and cultural resource facilities
  • Committee and community stakeholder workshops
  • Community surveys
  • Vision for future development and use
  • Implementation plan
  • Plant Facilities and Detention

    Nearly every community in the Houston region will include a water plant, wastewater plant, lift stations and detention ponds. So why is it that these necessary components are so negatively visible in some communities — and almost invisible in others? In rare instances, some of these components actually work to beautify and enhance communities!  Read more >

  • Why You Should Hire a Professional Planner

    There are many occasions in which a first meeting with a developer is spent processing the numerous reasons a plan (that was initially done by the engineers or architects) is not meeting the needs of the developer’s project vision and goals. Many developers attempt to minimize costs during the due diligence phase by having these professionals make an attempt at the initial plan. Unfortunately, skimping on this phase could be costly later or lost revenue never realized.  Read more >

  • 5 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Master-Planned Community

    So, you have been looking for that great piece of property for your next, or maybe your first, Master-Planned Community (MPC) to develop. How do you know which one to pull the trigger on? There are many things to consider of course, and of those, the following five elements have continued to be either an opportunity and/or constraint as to if a parcel of land will make a great MPC. A professional land planner can evaluate each of these and interpret the impacts these elements have on your vision.   Read more >