Why 7gen

7gen approaches every project with the mindset that communities need to do more than just look good; they have to be structurally sound.  7gen provides design expertise, based on sound engineering principles, and a commitment to getting the project right from the start.  Our strength lies in taking into consideration these critical aspects, for every project, no matter the scale or budget. With our unique, comprehensive approach to land planning, Clients choose 7gen for a variety of reasons that hit close to home:

  • Our plans are viable. 7gen creates sustainable, workable, creative developments, backed by practical engineering principals.   When you work with 7gen, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary rounds and revisions. We consider every project from all angles, relying on our background in both land planning and landscape architecture to create designs that are as functional as they are beautiful.
  • Our plans are unique and creative, designed to endure for generations. There are no cookie-cutter plans at 7gen.  Every design serves communities beyond the present moment, respecting the natural surroundings and supporting the environment for generations to come. Our designs reflect the uniqueness of every project, meeting our clients’ goals and objectives, not just today but throughout time.
  • We care. We understand. We care about our clients and their success. We understand that a successful development must take into consideration, practical engineering principals, as well as functional, sustainable design.  This combination ensures the design is done right the first time, keeping your project on schedule and on budget. What better way to show we care and understand our client’s needs?
  • Plant Facilities and Detention

    Nearly every community in the Houston region will include a water plant, wastewater plant, lift stations and detention ponds. So why is it that these necessary components are so negatively visible in some communities — and almost invisible in others? In rare instances, some of these components actually work to beautify and enhance communities!  Read more >

  • Why You Should Hire a Professional Planner

    There are many occasions in which a first meeting with a developer is spent processing the numerous reasons a plan (that was initially done by the engineers or architects) is not meeting the needs of the developer’s project vision and goals. Many developers attempt to minimize costs during the due diligence phase by having these professionals make an attempt at the initial plan. Unfortunately, skimping on this phase could be costly later or lost revenue never realized.  Read more >

  • 5 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Master-Planned Community

    So, you have been looking for that great piece of property for your next, or maybe your first, Master-Planned Community (MPC) to develop. How do you know which one to pull the trigger on? There are many things to consider of course, and of those, the following five elements have continued to be either an opportunity and/or constraint as to if a parcel of land will make a great MPC. A professional land planner can evaluate each of these and interpret the impacts these elements have on your vision.   Read more >